cardio COMBAT

Cardio Combat classes are high-energy, motivating workouts for everyone. We combine agility, sports conditioning, boxing, and MMA kickboxing in an atmosphere filled with high energy and adrenaline-pumping music to increase your strength and your fat-burning potential.

Cardio Combat classes can give you:

  • Improved posture and coordination

  • Reduced stress in your personal life and your work life

  • An average of 800-1000 calories burned per class

  • A supportive community of peers to work out with

HIIT classes

Take your fitness to the next level with this High Intensity Interval Training class. Always changing, a high energy mix of cardio and gym toys will burn those calories and build your muscles!

Cardio Combat

Monday 8 pm

Tuesday 5 am & 8 pm

Wednesday 12 pm

Friday 12 pm

Saturday 10 am


Sunday 8 am

Classes at bridgewater performance

6542 S. Lovers Lane Rd, Franklin, WI 53132