VrTUO Alive

cardio combat on VrTUO ALIVE

Add Channel with one click!

  1. Go to channel here

  2. Select "Add channel"

  3. Login to your Roku account

Join using your Roku!

  1. Turn on Tv and find your Roku input

  2. In your Roku home screen find and select "add channels"

  3. Select "Search channels"

  4. Type in "VrTuo Interactive Network"

  5. Select the VrTuo Interactive Network Channel

  6. Select "Add channel"

  7. Select "OK" to the channel added pop-up

  8. Select "Go to channel"

  9. *VrTuo Interactive Channel will now appear in your home screen

  10. Select "Live streams" to watch shows live or also available ON DEMAND

  11. Scroll down to VrTuo Alive Workouts to watch workouts on demand